Forza Motorsport’s Major Update 1.0 Overhauls Car Parts Unlocking & More

'Forza Motorsport' (Image: XBox Games)

'Forza Motorsport' (Image: XBox Games)

Fans of the iconic racing game, Forza Motorsport, are in for a treat as the game rolls out its first major update since its well-received launch earlier this month.

Turn 10 Studios has been listening to its fan base and has delivered numerous improvements and adjustments to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Key Highlights of the Update:

Faster Car Part Upgrades: Players can now unlock car parts faster than before. The levels required for car part unlocks have been adjusted, allowing for a more expansive range of options at earlier stages. With this update, the majority of car parts should become accessible within just one Builders Cup series, providing racers with a swifter progression route.

Multiplayer Improvements: Cheaters beware! A prevalent exploit in the Featured Multiplayer mode, where players could post unattainable lap times by transitioning from a practice session directly into qualifying, has been addressed. This should ensure a fairer competitive environment. Alongside this, there have been fixes to safety and driver skill ratings used for matchmaking, enhancing the overall multiplayer experience.

Graphics and Stability Enhancements (Specifically on Xbox Series X|S): Gamers can expect a more stable gaming experience with fixes for several crash scenarios across all platforms. Those playing on Xbox Series X|S will also appreciate a fix for an issue that caused a “washed out” visual effect when navigating in and out of the video menu.

Other Noteworthy Fixes and Improvements:

– Players will no longer lose progress if they play without updating.
– Car Affinity manufacturer rewards have been fixed.
– Livery Editor has seen a host of fixes, ensuring decals and graphics behave as intended on various cars.
– Issues with tracks, such as the invisible wall problem on Le Mans layouts, have been addressed.
– Enhancements in tire wear rates under moderate wet conditions.
– Multiple fixes for different car models, ensuring visual and functional fidelity.
– Improved replay visuals for certain segments.
– Accessibility improvements, ensuring custom key binds remain saved between sessions.

In essence, Forza Motorsport’s Update 1.0 showcases Turn 10 Studios’ commitment to delivering an unmatched racing experience for its players. Whether it’s enhancing the player’s progression, ensuring fair play in multiplayer matches, or refining visuals and stability, this update is bound to make racers’ virtual drives even more thrilling.

With such dedicated post-launch support, Forza Motorsport continues to solidify its place as a must-play title for racing enthusiasts.

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