XBox Bans ‘Unauthorized’ Third Party Controllers

Xbox's Aqua Shift controller (Image: XBox)

Xbox Controller (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft has declared an update for its Xbox Series X/S game consoles that bans “unauthorized” third-party controllers and extras.

This ban that’s coming this month has left lots of gamers annoyed and upset, especially those fighters who depend on customized third-party fight sticks for competitive battles.

How come they can’t use what they need to win?

This rule change has made fighting communities furious about not being able to keep practicing with what works best for them.

Microsoft probably thinks they’re protecting Xbox stuff but it really doesn’t seem fair to stop people from choosing their own controller options. Will they listen to how many players want to keep their add-ons?

The update was exposed when Xbox customers started encountering distressing messages declaring that their unapproved devices would be barred from use.

Brook Gaming, known for their adaptors, have communicated unhappiness with the changes, highlighting the effect this could have on their customers.

This could inadvertently affect legitimate controller alternatives and specialized gaming hardware.

Microsoft explained the change as a way to make sure all add-ons meet standards for usefulness, safety and helping the gaming experience.

The company has pointed out that extras made by Microsoft itself or brands with licenses go through strict tests to do things right.

Accessories not made by Microsoft or approved partners might mess things up or put security at risk, the company suggested.

The new plan mirrors what Sony did with the PS5, which only lets officially approved controllers and extras be used.

Some state that only allowing licensed items reduces choices for buyers and causes costs to rise since there aren’t rival brands providing options.

Gamers are left pondering over the balance between the security of their platforms versus choosing what they want and what they can afford.

Will ease of use win over safety? How gamers react remains to be seen.

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