Get Back In The Game Next Month With ‘NBA Playgrounds’

If you long for an old-school basketball video game, then you should keep an eye on NBA Playgrounds.


IGN scored the exclusive scoop. Saber Interactive is developing, with CEO Matt Karch assuring fans that they are dedicated to providing a title that’s accessible while providing experienced players with the depth they crave. Additionally, players can compete by themselves, locally or through the internet.

NBA Playgrounds pits players in a two-on-two basketball match, and your athletes of choice can be leveled-up as you play. Furthermore, this lighthearted rendition of the sport is boasted to contain “hundreds of over-the-top dunks and moves.”

All teams spanning the NBA’s history, consisting of retired and present-day players, are accounted for. Steph Curry, George Hill and Allen Iverson were named in IGN’s article, and more familiar faces can be seen in the trailer, including Shaquille O’Neal.

The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will receive the digital-downloadable title next month. Those brave enough to hit the playground can enjoy the latest NBA game for $20. Personally, I’m not very invested in sports, which is a trait that extends to sport-themed video games. Nevertheless, I’m still eager to give NBA Playgrounds a shot, and I hope it provides fans of NBA Jam and NBA Street the experience they’ve been missing.

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