‘Godfall’ Will Be Announcing New Info Soon

'Godfall' Will Be Announcing New Info Soon

'Godfall' Will Be Announcing New Info Soon

Godfall was one of the first PS5 exclusives to be announced for the console, but further details remain scarce. Counterplay Games most likely has to wait for PS5 to post some information on the PS5’s console release.

The game describes itself as a “Looter-Slasher,” which most likely means that players will be allowed to massacre the opposing NPCs, and to rummage through their bodies like a kid in a candy store. The game is a single-player game, but up to two of your friends can duel alongside you as you fight your way through the godly enemies. In Godfall, there is an emphasis on melee weapons, as opposed to ranged or bulleted weapons.

One representative for the game spoke on a stream that was hosted by the game’s publishers.  “We have more to tell you about Godfall really, really soon,” he said.

Here are some social media reactions about Godfall. Twitter remains optimistic and excited for the future game.

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