New ‘Pokemon Coco’ Movie Announced In Japan, Features New Monkey Pokémon

New 'Pokemon Coco' Movie Announced In Japan, Features New Monkey Pokémon

New 'Pokemon Coco' Movie Announced In Japan, Features New Monkey Pokémon

Nintendo has really been cranking out Pokémon related content over the last few week. A few weeks ago, Google announced that Greninja is the most popular pokémon of the year. Pokemon Home also released a new update that features in-game trading and a new Professor. Each one of Nintendo’s poké-games constantly receives updates, too.

On February 27, Pokémon Japan released a trailer to the installment #23 in the Pokémon series.

Unfortunately, this movie trailer was released in Japanese, with no option for English subtitles. Even the movie’s website is solely in Japanese. Once the pages became translated, there’s actually a lot of brand new content that pokéfans need to know about.

When directly translated from Japanese, the name of the movie is Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco. The plotline revolves around the inseparable duo of Ash and Pikachu. The two are gearing up to enter a new jungle area, to discover new pokémon and fulfill their love of adventure.

Along the way, they meet a young boy who seems like he could be great pals with Tarzan. The boy, Coco, thoroughly believes that he is a pokémon in every way. That’s actually because has been raised by pokémon in the wild, but specifically by the newest pokémon, Zarude. Zarude has assumed the role of Coco’s parental figure, even though this is in direct violation to the poké-laws of natural order. The dark and grass monkey-type pokémon is considered to be one of the core leaders of the jungle.


Pokemon introduction

A phantom Pokemon who decided to grow Coco against the rules of the forest.

Published on Friday, July 10

Movie version Pocket Monster Coco

The jungle won’t be a happy, tranquil place forever. Team Rocket is seen in the trailer as well. This time, Jesse, Meowth, and James are incredibly powerful since they’ve been given the power to create ultra-strong pokémon out of thin air.

The movie will be out on Friday, July 10. The website hasn’t confirmed any other country’s release date, so for now we will have to assume this will be a Japanese exclusive.

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