Gotcha! ‘Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney’ Is Coming To Smartphones This Winter

Ace Attorney 4

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (Image: Capcom)

Grab your badge and point your finger, because Capcom is bringing Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney to iOS and Android devices this winter! Pre-registration is already available for those who’re dying for some courtroom action.

Apollo Justice, a greenhorn defense attorney, headlines this installment, which is set seven years after Phoenix Wright’s classic trilogy. The loud lawyer is ready to raise his objections, and he will do so across four cases.

However, despite not being in the title, Phoenix is Apollo Justice‘s true star, and discovering the circumstances behind his disbarment works as the game’s overreaching narrative. Phoenix becomes Apollo’s mentor after the first case, and his daughter, Trucy, becomes fast friends with the red attorney. Ema Skye also returns in this installment as a disinterested detective.

Klavier Gavin is Apollo Justice‘s annual genius prosecutor, and Apollo will frequently go toe-to-toe with him in court. Klavier’s older brother, Kristoph, is Apollo’s original mentor, though there’s something off about his demeanor…

Apollo Justice was a polarizing game amongst the fanbase, with the changes to Phoenix’s character being a particularly strong subject of deliberation. While Apollo Justice‘s third case is undoubtedly a contender for the worst case in the entire series, I personally still enjoyed my time with the game as a whole. Honestly, my biggest issue with it was that Phoenix completely stole the show from his protégé, and Apollo consequently received little development.

Up until now, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney has only been available on the Nintendo DS. While it certainly isn’t the strongest title in the series, Ace Attorney‘s continuity is one of its strengths, so I’m glad this episode will reach an expanded audience. In fact, the timing for this announcement is nice, as the most recent Ace Attorney title, Spirit of Justice, serves as Apollo’s coming of age story.

Are you ready? Here comes Justice!

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