Halo Infinite Box Art Teases New Gadgets

Halo Infinite Box Art Teases New Gadgets Ahead Of Xbox Showcase

Halo Infinite

Microsoft debuted new Halo Infinite box art last week ahead of the Xbox Series X Showcase where more details about the game were revealed. Although there is not much to glean from this single bit of art, there is an interesting little gadget on Master Chief’s left forearm that some fans are interpreting as a grappling hook.

With the space-age mobility and technology abound in Halo that already sets it apart from other FPS’s, adding an extra layer of mobility in the same vein as an Assassin’s Creed or a Titanfall might be the new wrinkle that the series needs to draw back players whose last foray into Halo was Reach or even Halo 3. As someone who falls into that category, the thought of flying around a slayer match like Ezio Auditore with a jet pack does sound very enticing.

With the Showcase just around the corner, this feels like a precursor in what will be a big week for the Xbox brand. The showcase, along with the promise of many new original games and beloved series installments, is an escalation of the arms race that is the next generation console releases that happen about two to three times a decade between Microsoft and Sony. with both the PS5 and Xbox Series X releasing later this year, and the economic downturn in the country, this feels like the most desperate race yet as American consumer pockets will not be as deep as they have been in years past.

While last month’s PS5 showcase did produce some headlines with the announcement of new Spider-Man and Horizon installments it didn’t feel like a true game-changing blow in the race to create the most valued exclusivity between the two products. Now knowing what Sony is bringing to the table this is Microsoft’s chance to really blow the gaming world away and demand more attention from gamers than it may have gotten in the past. It feels like how good the series X and the holiday season go for Xbox all rides on Thursday. And with all the hype around the event and the announcements to come it is up to them to deliver.

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