‘Hearthstone’ Pro Ragequits In Finals Of Grandmasters Tournament



Ragequitting is often deemed as childish and unsportsmanlike. Though the match may not go as smoothly as expected, or even if you are getting creamed, the completion of a game has always been a basic principle shaped by our ethics. That being said, the grand final in the Hearthstone European Grandmasters Tournament tells a very different story.

In the final matchup of the tournament, the professional Hearthstone player Zakarya “xBlyzes” Hail from Grizi Esports faced off with Frenetic from Barça eSports. With both sides tied at two games apiece, xBlyzes, who had low hp and zero creatures to summon, was incapable of deterring Frenetic’s attack. Rather than issuing a concession or playing until the end, xBlyzes chose to disconnect from the ongoing game.

Unethical or unsportsmanlike as it appeared, the host of the tournament showed sympathy towards xBlyzes. “My heart goes out to him. It’s a brutal way to lose this series,” he said.

At the same time, xBlyzes issued a visceral statement regarding the loss and defended his behavior via Twitter. “sry to be mad because i lost the most important match of my life,” he wrote in a tweet.

Even though xBlyzes lost to Frenetic in the matchup, he still finished in second place, winning $2,000. He will also be eligible to join Season 2 of the Grandmasters Tournament, as fans on Twitter still hope to see him win his glory back. As for the reckless ragequit, no official statement or punishment from Blizzard has been issued.

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