A Story Trailer Of ‘Lost In Random’ Showcases Aesthetics And A Bit Of Mechanics

Lost in Random (Photo Courtesy of Electronic Arts)

Lost in Random (Photo Courtesy of Electronic Arts)

Electronic Arts just released an official story trailer of Lost in Random, and it looks fantastic.

Lost in Random is set in a land reigned brutally by an evil queen, who casts malicious magic through her powerful black dice. In this unpeaceful kingdom, children are honored to roll the black dice on their birthday to determine their future. Roll a one and the child will be sent to Onecroft where the child will suffer for the rest of his life. A three means eternal chaos of living in a realm corrupted by civil war. And a six, the most glorious one, is what Even’s sister Odd gets; she is destined to live in the main realm with the queen and relish in prosperity and privileges.

However, one year after Odd’s departure, Even receives a strange signal that might have something to do with her taken sister. To unravel the mystery, Even teams up with a living die Dicey, embarking on an adventure across the six realms of Random.

The art of Lost in Random shows the dream-like purity mixed with dark-cartoonish beauty. The scenes are often mysteriously gloomy like a precaution of Even’s perilous journey, and the characters of Random all seem to be far from friendly with their Gothic-like look, reminding us of the cartoon master Tim Burton.

Besides the content, the trailer also features some gameplay scenes that give us a glimpse of the mechanics. We can see that Even will be wielding something like a hammer to cast ranged attacks. He will also take enemies down by arrows. And our lovely companion Dicey also appears to have some powers that can unlock special abilities. But still, the major thread of mechanics is still shrouded in mystery.

Luckily, through an interview between IGN and the game directors Klaus Lyngeled and Olov Redmalm, we get to unwrap the surprise a little bit more. “It’s a mix between full-on action and then a bit of tactics,” explains Lyngeled. “It’s a very fluid dance between action and tactics,” adds Redmalm. “It’s an action-adventure with a twist.”

As the directors have confirmed, Lost in Random will feature the element of board games interacting with Dicey’s magic power. “Board games are built into the world itself,” says Lyngeled, “and you sort of get stuck in them. Part of it is of course using some of the mechanics that Dicey can do – you know, running while throwing the dice.”

The exploration of the six realms will be done through something the directors called “light RPG.”

“You go around and talk to characters – it has dialogue trees, you can go up to characters and talk to them, and everything is fully voiced,” Lyngeled says. “So that bit is a little bit like a very light version of Skyrim – it really feels like you can dive into the world and talk to the characters, find quests, and figure out what’s going on.”

The official release date remains unclear, but the good news is that the game will launch on every console, including Nintendo Switch, Playstation, PC, etc.

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