‘Hogwarts Legacy,’ Wizzarding School Game, Won’t Offer Multiplayer At Release

'Hogwarts Legacy' (Image: Warner Bros.)

'Hogwarts Legacy' (Image: Warner Bros.)

Hogwarts Legacy will not offer multiplayer features when it’s released during the 2022 holiday season, which likely means fans will be waiting until November or December of this year.

The game will allow players to experience life as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft by picking a house, choosing classes, learning different spells and exploring the surrounding areas. Then, players will have to use the skills learned at Hogwarts to uncover and solve dangerous mysteries.

This week’s 14:44 minute-long official gameplay reveal excited Harry Potter fans everywhere – and brought up questions.

Players wondered if they would be able to play the RPG with their friends, but neither Avalanche Software nor Warner Brothers Games have said that a multiplayer feature will be released following the original.

“Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world, single-player, action role-playing videogame (RPG) set in the 1800s wizarding world,” WB Games wrote.

Another question surrounds whether or not the Quidditch game will be brought back. There has been no update since the 2003 version was launched. The game, played on broomsticks, was hinted at as the broomsticks made a return in the official gameplay. An additional Quidditch game mode or DLC expansion has not been ruled out, but there is no confirmation that it will happen either.

Watch the trailer below.


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