IO Interactive Reportedly Working On Fantasy Project For Xbox

IO Interactive Logo (Photo Courtesy Of IO Interactive)

IO Interactive Logo (Photo Courtesy Of IO Interactive)

Developers IO Interactive seemingly have their digital hands full, as more and more reports point to the Hitman series kingpins taking on several new projects. Following news that IO would be making a new James Bond video game, new reports pin the veteran studio with a new unnamed fantasy project for the Xbox.

Multiple independent sources tell both Windows Central and Eurogamer that IO Interactive is working on a game featuring “dragons,” but that the new project is “years away from being revealed.”

Yeah, rumors don’t amount to much, but IO Interactive has built such a strong reputation with their newest Hitman trilogy of games that even the barest of potential hearsay sparks joy in my little grey heart.

Anyone who has tried their hand at IO’s flagship series knows that the Hitman games have a deafening style and unbreakable immersion into the “world of assassination” as they call it. Each game in the series features freakishly detailed environments were players are rewarded for exploring and pulling off their missions in the most creative or efficient ways possible.

IO, maybe unintentionally, modernized the arcade genre with the Hitman formula by integrating high scores into immersive gameplay. I’m excited to see where these kings of innovation dare take the fantasy genre in their eventual future project.

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