Is A ‘Team Fortress 2’ Character Inspiration For Mobile Suit In ‘Gundam Evolution?’

'Gundam Evolution' (Image: Namco)

'Gundam Evolution' (Image: Namco)

The upcoming free-to-play PVP first-person shooter, Gundam Evolution, developed by Namco, has hit Steam with force as it became the 17th most-played game on its debut day.


The free-to-play game started with 56,911 players and seems to be holding strong. Gundam Evolution, similar to Overwatch, has teams pitted against each other.

The game has several different modes – Domination, Destruction, and Point Capture.

Players can choose multiple Mobile Suits to use against their opponents. One of the Mobile Suits in Gundam Evolution has a striking similarity to a spy from Team Fortress 2.

For the uninitiated, Team Fortress 2 is a critically acclaimed multiplayer shooter released way back in 2007 by Valve.

Although Team Fortress 2’s character design seems different from the star of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Gundam Barbatos, when comparing the video game versions of both characters, their gameplay styles are weirdly similar.

Gundam Barbatos and the spy from Team Fortress both can instantly kill enemies, much to the dismay of players. Both characters also have quick ways to leave potentially fatal situations, Barbatos has a boost function, and the spy can cloak.

The builds are definitely there for the player who simply wants to get into combat quickly and leave even quicker.

It is hard to tell if the Team Fortress character was an inspiration for Gundam Barbatos, although the builds of both are fascinatingly close, and it would be a nice way to pay homage.

As of now, there is a growing concern for Gundam Evolution that certain Mobile-Suits are overpowered. Balancing issues aren’t uncommon for multiplayer games. However, it can really damage a game’s player base.

Gundam Evolution is out now on PC. Playstation and Xbox players will have to wait, hopefully not too anxiously, for the release date of November 30.

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