‘Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Story’ Trailer Releases

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope

Mario is gearing up for another adventure with friends soon for a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope will be the second game with these characters coming together. The first game back in 2017 was received rather well, with IGN giving it a 7.7, and Polygon giving it an 8.0.


The turn-based action is back and more polished than in the last iteration.

At the Ubisoft Forward event, gameplay for the upcoming game was released, and we were even given a few more details.

The combat is at times familiar to that of XCOM or Wastelanders, however, there is this goofy style to the game’s flow that makes it look incredibly unique.

This time around, the areas players find themselves in world that will be completely explorable.

Special combo moves have been significantly improved upon, the best part being that you can try these new moves with different combinations of team members.

All of this is wonderfully shown in a unique style. Where else could you possibly shoot a bow and arrow as Luigi or use duel-wielding weapons as Mario?

Ubisoft has now given us more Mario with a trailer for the wacky sequel showing us more of the narrative. It has to be said that the exploration, humorous combat, and turned-based action are the focal points here, though that just makes the idea of a well-crafted story even better.

A narration runs through the trailer, informing the players of the galactic threat looming.

Mario, Rabbids, and Sparks appear to meet through a rift in their dimensions, and from there, the group of “unlikely heroes” must stop a mysterious “darkness” that is taking over the universe. Seeing how these characters interact should be fun as well as uncovering whatever mystery the antagonist has for the player.

It is hard not to mention the anticipation fans must have, to explore, and watch the characters interact with the bright environments around them.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope is set to release on October 20.

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