Katy Perry Teaming Up With Pokémon For Franchises 25th Anniversary

Pokémon: Sword & Shield (Image courtesy of Pokemon)

Pokémon: Sword & Shield (Image courtesy of Pokemon)

Pokémon released a special video to help celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Using toys, trading cards, game cartilages, plushies and other Pokémon merchandise, the video is an adorable trip down memory lane that embraces the series history. From the adventures in the Kanto region, the various Pokémon teams featured in Pokémon Go, and even a little mention to Detective Pikachu, this video is sure to send you tingles of nostalgia.

However, the biggest surprise was at the end when the video revealed that Pokémon would be teaming up with singer Katy Perry for a new song.

Perry herself even tweeted a little message about her experience with Pokémon during her junior high years.


A released date for Perry’s Pokémon single has yet to be revealed, but do expect something to come next month, as February 27 was when the original Pokémon games launched in Japan nearly 25 years ago.

The last mainline Pokémon games to be released were Pokémon Sword and Shield on November 15, 2019. Two DLC expansions, Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, were released on June 17, 2020, and October 22, 2020, respectively.

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