Lamar Jackson Breaks Record In ‘Madden 20’ As Fastest QB In The Game

Lamar Jackson Breaks Record In 'Madden 20' As Fastest QB In The Game

Lamar Jackson Breaks Record In 'Madden 20' As Fastest QB In The Game

Lamar Jackson has showed the world his agility on the field and now it is being represented in Madden 20 with his new upgrade. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback is setting a record in the game by becoming the fastest QB in the game. The update will come Thursday where we will see Jackson surpassing Micheal Vick who previously held the Madden franchise record. Madden will be making Jackson’s 94 rated speed jump up to 96 surpassing Vick’s highest speed rating of 95. 

Vick, who has played for the Falcons, Eagles, Jets and Steelers for a total of 15 seasons, will be celebrating the passing of the torch by awarding Jackson with a new pair of Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 which are the cleats that Jackson already uses. 

Vick admitted, “It’s like the passing of the torch. I’m gone, but not forgotten. Look, with every highlight that Lamar makes, it reminds people of me. It will remind people of Cam (Newton). It will remind people of Russell (Wilson). It will remind people of (Randall) Cunningham. Donovan (McNabb), all the mobile quarterbacks who came before us and who are going to come after us.”

“Whatever comparison you want to make, whatever you have seen, you can make your comparison to anybody you want to make it to. If it’s me, cool. If not, great. But we’ve got an echelon of guys who made mobility a cool thing in the National Football League. Guys who have made it a weapon,” he said.


Jackson’s cleats will be sporting the quote made famous earlier this year “not bad for a running back” alluding to the criticisms made earlier this year where people suggested that Jackson should play wide receiver or running back. The cleats will also have “your turn” written on them as a symbol of Vick’s efforts to give Jackson the title of fastest quarterback. 

Jackson now has a rating of 87 overall which is 11 higher than when  Madden 20 was released. “Lamar can go into a game not feeling good about what he’s doing in the passing game, but can take over with his legs. Or he could be stopped in the running game, but can take over with his arm. He has shown that ability. That’s a dangerous thing to have at the quarterback position,” said Vick.

Jackson will fit perfectly into your Madden 20 Ultimate Team if your play style favors a fast quarterback.


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