The Launch Window For ‘Sonic Mania’ May’ve Been Revealed

Sonic Mania, the Hedgehog’s anticipated return to momentum-based platforming, was initially slated to release during the spring, although it was delayed until the summer. An official launch date has yet to be given by SEGA, but the game’s UK and German Steam pages may have let it slip.


While the specifics of its release may vary by platform and region, Mania seems to be locked in for a mid-August launch for our neighbors across the blue ocean. However, this doesn’t necessarily equate to Mania concurrently releasing over here during the same period, although I expect it to. Notably, Sonic Mania’s U.S. Steam page listed no such date beyond a vague “Summer 2017.”

Given how E3 is next month, an official announcement could be forthcoming. However, regardless of when the Sonic 3 & Knuckles successor comes out, I will instantaneously purchase it.

Sonic Mania Flying Battery Zone
Sonic Mania will feature new Zones and reimagined Zones from the classics, such as Flying Battery (Image: SEGA)

In other news pertaining to SEGA’s mascot, have you settled upon a design for your Custom Hero in Sonic Forces? 2017 will be the biggest year the blue mammal’s had in a while.

Are you excited for Sonic Mania?  

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