LEGO Makes ‘Shatterproof’ Meme About Tesla’s Cybertruck

LEGO Makes 'Shatterproof' Meme About Tesla's Cybertruck

LEGO Makes 'Shatterproof' Meme About Tesla's Cybertruck

Tesla displayed their newest electric car last week, and this time it was a pickup truck. This pickup truck isn’t your regular backroad truck. Tesla’s Cybertruck is just as fast as a modern sports car but also provides the basic utility of having a truck. 

The demonstration had one moment that marked the reveal. That was when Franz Von Holzhausen, one of the Tesla designers shattered the ‘shatterproof’ passenger window on the Cybertruck. To make matters worse, Von Holzhausen in a second attempt shattered the back window of the Cybertruck. With so much car destruction, one might think Tesla was conducting a monster truck rally. Elon Musk saw the humor in the incidents laughing throughout the rest of the demonstration.

Memes being made about the event, of course, was foreseeable, and LEGO was the first to release their fair share of quips. LEGO Australia posted a picture on their Facebook of a regular gray LEGO brick with wheels saying, “The evolution of truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof.” The post received many comments, shares and likes as people flocked to view the meme. 

Despite the jokes about the shattering of the Tesla window, Musk didn’t seem too worried. Musk shared on Twitter that the Cybertruck has received 250,000 pre orders since November 26.




Musk explained on what went wrong in the Tesla demonstration.  “Sledgehammer impact on door cracked base of glass, which is why steel ball didn’t bounce off. Should have done steel ball on window, *then* sledgehammer the door,” he wrote.

Musk clarified to the public that there were some technical difficulties, but it seems as though Tesla fans don’t care, they love the truck.


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