Google’s Stadia Struggles With AI Assistant As Bugs Are Slowly Being Fixed

Google Stadia (Image courtesy of Google)

Google Stadia (Image courtesy of Google)

At first, when Google revealed Stadia, its cloud utilizing streaming platform, it bragged about the new button on the controller that connected to the Google Assistant AI helper. The purpose of this button is so that players can be assisted by pulling up information or tips without losing momentum in the game. The AI button however did not perform as expected. 

In the update released by Google, the company confirmed that it has added “some Google Assistant functionality for your Stadia Controller.” Players who are using it via Chromecast Ultra now will be able to use it however it only works on the Stadia home screen and is not usable during games.”

On Reddit, Google said that players now can use it to launch games. The videos posted also show players using Assistant normally to answer questions. 

In the near future, the Google Assistant might bring some exclusive experiences to gaming available via the cloud, however, as of now it’s not very functional and is even less effective compared to the Xbox One integration that has the ability to turn the console off launch games and even take screenshots.



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