Man Makes Almost Six-Foot Long Functioning Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch (Photo: YouTube/MichaelPick)

Nintendo Switch (Photo: YouTube/MichaelPick)

Deriding Maester Lewin’s guidance, Brandon Stark followed in his same-name ancestor Brandon Stark The Builder and crafted a 70-inch wide functional Nintendo Switch for the play of giants from Mance Raiders’ army who will inevitably breach The Wall at the northern point of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Oh, actually it was YouTuber Michael Pick who built the Switch and Westeros isn’t a real place. Sometimes real life can be a bit of a bummer.

Pick posted a YouTube video showing off his plus-sized handheld which is 650% larger than a standard Nintendo Switch. The behemoth weighs in at 65 pounds and is hilariously difficult to play as one person. The screen in the center is a 4K LED television with a normal-sized Nintendo Switch hidden inside. The buttons and shell of the mega-system were 3D-printed, but function identically to traditional Switch buttons.

In his video, Pick joked he aimed to make a Switch that was “harder to lose,” which I guess is mostly true, excluding thieves a little too excited about the rumored 4K Nintendo Switch model allegedly in the works. Pick also announced that he will be donating his monstrous system to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I suppose the real world isn’t that much of a bummer after all.

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