‘Mario Kart Tour’ Hits Mobile Platforms Next Month

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour (Image: Nintendo)

After delays, months of speculation and a beta release, Mario Kart Tour is finally prepared to bring the venerable racing IP to smartphones. Series stalwarts like Waluigi, Rosalina and Metal Mario are present, as are fan favorites like Diddy Kong, who hasn’t appeared in the series in 11 years.

While many specifics of the game still remain a mystery, it’s known Tour will cull tracks from the prior Mario Kart titles while introducing new ones, some of which will be inspired by real world locations. Mario and Peach have also been spotted sporting alternate costumes; whether they’re treated as costume swaps or following the tradition of Mario Kart 8‘s Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach is currently unknown.

As with Nintendo’s earlier smartphone efforts like Fire Emblem Heroes and this year’s Dr. Mario World, Tour will be free to play but will contain microtransations and cool-down timers. Tour is currently available for pre-registering, and the full game will hit mobile platforms on Sept. 25.

Commemorating this announcement, Nintendo created a new Twitter account dedicated to the racing title; the Kyoto-based giant promises it’ll be updated with additional information as Tour‘s launch draws closer.

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