‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Actress Stephanie Tyler Johnson Says She’s Been Stalked By Fans

'Marvel's Spider-Man' (Image: Marvel)

'Marvel's Spider-Man' (Image: Marvel)

Stephanie Tyler Jones, the model for Marvel’s Spider-Man character MJ, recently revealed that some fans of the game have crossed lines with her.

“One [fan] went to the extent of calling my workplace and leaving multiple voicemails wanting to speak with me and requesting I call back, which is unacceptable and considered stalking,” she wrote recently on Instagram.

Even after Jones was only the face of MJ, who was then voiced by Laura Bailey, Jones was still the target of harassment rather than Bailey.

Jones said she is no longer an “actively auditioning actor or model.”

The credits to her in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from 2023 are as “additional likeness scans,” according to her IMDb page. She even mentions in a following message how her work on the game is not recent and she has changed careers since.

SPARC, an organization that studies stalking, categorizes stalking as surveillance, life invasion, intimidation and interference.

Studies show that men, as well as women, are victims of cyberstalking. Cyber-stalking is defined in one journal as “the repeated use of the internet, email or alternate electronic communication devices to harass, threaten and generate fear in one or more individuals.”

In her post, Jones outlined the actions of only one fan who went too far. However, she mentioned in the same post that more than one person had “crossed boundaries.” Experts say that even if there were no reported death threats, the police should be notified.

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