Fans Disappointed In ‘Silent Hill 2’s’ New Combat-Heavy Trailer, Blooper Team Shares Their Dissatisfaction

'Silent Hill 2' (Image: Bloober)

'Silent Hill 2' (Image: Bloober)

The long-awaited remake of  Team Silent’s cult-classic survival horror game Silent Hill 2 had its combat trailer released during PlayStation’s State of Play on January 31, with fans writing their concerns about the presentation of the action in the new game. For many the animations had seemed stiff with the impact of hits shown on the trailer looking too soft.

When asked about the concerns that came from the trailer, Bloober Team’s CEO, Piotr Babieno, had stated that much of the trailer had misrepresented the game his studio was making while on a now-private video from a Polish YouTube channel,

Before the interview was removed, EuroGamer Poland was able to release a partial transcription of the video.

Translating this article, Babieno has blamed Konami for the presentation of the game’s combat, also stating that the trailer is “not the spirit of what used to be” and what the studio was developing for the game’s remake which he states they’re trying to capture the “romantic vision” that the game had when it first released. He had also joked that some of the negative comments had been written by himself, expressing his disappointment with the publisher’s presentation of the game in the trailer.

This is not the first time that Bloober has expressed their disappointment with Konami’s handling of the game’s marketing, as the CEO has made remarks regarding the publisher’s lack of communication with fans. In 2023, Babieno replied to an X user’s question about more information about the game’s release,  stating that communication is part of Konami’s job.

The remake is planned to be released later this year with a PC release on Windows and exclusively on PlayStation 5 for consoles before being allowed to be added to Xbox systems. As of this moment, however, there has not been an announcement regarding the game’s release date but fans are still excited to see how the game will be presented with modern graphics and technology.

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