Microsoft Reveals New Details About Xbox Series X

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NBA 2k20 & Xbox Series X Bundle On Sale Now!

A few weeks back, Sony began releasing some minor details and information about their next generation console. As of February 24, Microsoft was eager to share many new details about the future gaming console.

The most important upgrade might be the first one they announced in a blog post on their own website. Microsoft informed us that their ‘Next Generation Custom Processor’ will be eight times as powerful as the Xbox One’s. That will allow gaming companies to truly create massive worlds – especially MMORPG games – that will allow NPC characters and towns to stay alive, even when the user is not around.

Graphics will also be enhanced, as Microsoft’s new inner-technology is able to create a more stable frame-rate and resolution for games. All games on the Xbox Series X will have ‘DirectX Raytracing,’ which basically means that lighting, in-game acoustics, and accurate reflections (like, from the water) will all be processed in real-time as a player explores a new world.

Their ‘SSD Storage’ will enable the ‘fast-travel’ feature to actually be fast. The days of waiting 45 seconds for a game to reload, are long gone now. Games will also be equipped with 120 Frames Per Second (FPS), as opposed to the 60 FPS that’s been the standard for gaming consoles.

Another fantastic feature will be the ability to save, load and suspend multiple games at once. This means that you can run multiple games at the same time, and not totally have to exit out of your games. That is the reason that Microsoft uses the word ‘suspend’ because you can load up the game at any time you please.


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