‘Besiege’ Coming To Steam After Five Years Of Early Release

'Besiege' Coming To Steam After Five Years Of Early Release

'Besiege' Coming To Steam After Five Years Of Early Release

Besiege, which has been in its beta mode for the last five years, has finally introduced version 1.0 to online stores. This officially made February 18, 2020 the game’s first release. Players have been able to craft together medieval tanks and weapons for years, but now players have been blessed with an official release, and some bonus features added in by publishing company Spiderling Studios.

The game besiege takes place in a mythical land, that finds itself nestled into the medieval era of the world. In this game, players will design catapults, tanks, biplanes and any other killing-contraption conceived by the mind. The objective of the game is to either destroy the enemy’s army, or by blowing up the enemies’ village into the dirt.

As nicely stated by the publishing company’s Twitter page, players will be given additional blocks and levels to use and play around in. Along with a brand new title screen and updating the spinning and steering blocks required to shape in-game designs, bugs and glitching NPCs were all given a boost to their gameplay mechanisms.

This game is quite simple to play, for all age groups. However, real-life engineers will feel starstruck after playing this game. After five years of toying and altering the in-game physics, the math and science savvy players of the world will be able to create monstrous machines. Users can also create and design their own maps, which can be used to host battles between rivaling PC players. Watch out though, make sure you aren’t going up against an engineering student in his spare time!


The game is available for purchase on Steam, for $4.99, which is 50% off of its usual pricing.

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