Microsoft xCloud Launches With Over 150 Games

Microsoft Project xCloud

Microsoft Project xCloud

On Friday, Microsoft launched its xCloud streaming service. Currently only available to Android phone and tablet users, xCloud has arrived with over 150 games for players to choose from, including a mixture of third-party titles and Xbox exclusives. Some of the games included in this launch library consists of hit titles, including Tell Me WhyGears 5GroundedSea of ThievesForza Horizon 4BattletoadsHalo: The Master Chief CollectionThe Witcher 3: Wild HuntUntitled Goose Game and Destiny 2.

As of now, the service will support games found on Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox Series X/S. Microsoft has yet to confirm if older titles found on the original Xbox and Xbox 360 will become available. The service will support cloud saves and cross-play, allowing you to continue your gaming session from your Xbox or PC, as well as play with anyone on other platforms. Other than having an Android device, the only other requirement to use xCloud is to be a subscriber of Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, which currently starts at $14.99 a month.

Those who have an Apple device are out of luck, though Apple has said it is open to services like xCloud and Google Stadia on its devices, as long as you can download them from the iOS store.

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