‘Monster Hunter Double Cross’ Game Review: New Styles Introduced

Monster Hunter is back and with a vengeance, as the Monster Hunter Nintendo Direct announced the reveal of Monster Hunter Double Cross, a sequel for the 3DS title Monster Hunter Generations.

Don’t feel double crossed yourself, as it has only been confirmed for Japan as of March 18, 2017; nothing has been stated for western releases. I’ve always thought it was weird, the term “western,” I mean we live on a globe, it if a country is across the world to the west you’ll eventually get there if you go east as well in a relatively similar amount of time. Regardless, this version confirms new skills, styles, monsters, deviant monsters, armor, weapons and styles for Prowlers. Essentially, it’s the Ultimate version of the previous game, just as Monster Hunter 4‘s sequel was Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


With the addition of G-Rank, a the hardest mode in the franchise that was unavailable in Generations, things should get interesting very quickly, especially considering the return of the triceratops terror, Diablos. Before you think about all the times you’re going to die and yell curses at the top of your lungs, scaring your neighbors and your pets enough to call the police, there is also a new monster to think about. Resembling a falcon with jets for wings, this new creature can been seen in the above trailer and will most likely be integral to the plot. Considering the hub world is similar to the caravan of MH4U, a series of balloons floating around and traveling to other locations, there might just be a plot rather than nothing followed by an anime-opening-like ending.

There are two new styles to be introduced on top of the original 4, such as Brave style, rewarding aggressive, offensive play and another, mysterious style that seems to revolve around the use of items (possibly explosives). Prowler has an introduction of aerial and adept styles, so cat mode should offer the same perks that hunter mode has.

However, perhaps the best part of the new game is that you may transfer your progress from Monster Hunter Generations, or Cross, over to the next game, losing absolutely no progress in the process of playing the newest addition to the franchise.

There will no doubt be more news incoming, so stay tuned and keep hunting until then.

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