‘Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe’ Switch & Pro Controller Are Selling Out Fast

'Monster Hunter Rise' (Image courtesy of Capcom)

'Monster Hunter Rise' (Image courtesy of Capcom)

Wednesday night’s dense Nintendo Direct shared more news about the upcoming game Monster Hunter Rise, which is set for release March 26, 2021. The ninja-themed adventure has excited series fans and newcomers alike, but collectors eyes lifted when they saw a special edition Nintendo Switch console and Pro Controller revealed for release the same day.

With flashbacks to the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate New 3DS XL, myself and several others quickly scanned retailers to see where the special edition goodies would end up. The only major retailers in the United States with any hint of the controller’s fate are Gamestop where pre-orders for both the Pro Controller and console are still live and Best Buy who shows nothing for the deluxe console, but does have a listing for the controller. The ‘purchase’ button is grayed-out with ‘coming soon’ written instead.

If past Nintendo special edition consoles and Pro Controllers are any indication for the fate of Monster Hunter Rise‘s gambit of goodies, you can expect these to go quick and then be gone forever. Anyone looking for one of these items after the initial run will have to try their luck on Ebay or Amazon where bootleg controllers are king.

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