Nintendo Direct News: ‘Mario Golf Super Rush’ Announced For Nintendo Switch

'Mario Golf: Super Rush' (Image courtesy of Nintendo)

'Mario Golf: Super Rush' (Image courtesy of Nintendo)

Following the success of Mario Tennis Aces in 2018, Nintendo is shooting for the greens with their new Mario sports game Mario Golf Super Rush planned for a June 25 release worldwide.

Nintendo boasted in their Nintendo Direct presentation Wednesday night that the upcoming golf adventure will the biggest in the Mario Golf series. Super Rush is planned to have four-player local and online multiplayer, which is a first for Nintendo.

Wednesday’s direct also showed off a motion-control mode reminiscent of Wii Golf where players can hold a Joy-con remote like a golf club and swing. Unlike Wii Golf, which simply calculated the speed the Wii-mote was swung, Super Rush will take advantage of the Joy-con’s advanced internal gyroscope and other features to make each swing unique.

Nintendo also showed off a new mode for the series Speed Golf. In the unexpectedly action-packed mode, players will swing their clubs and then race to wherever their ball lands. Footage also hints that every player will likely have special abilities and stats making the mode even more competitive.

The largest draw from Wednesday’s presentation was the reveal of Super Rush‘s RPG story mode. The last RPG in a Mario Golf game was almost two decades ago with the Gameboy Color release of the game. Fans, like myself, of the classic were giddy to see an RPG return to Mario Golf. In the relatively short reveal, the story appears quite close to the Gameboy original: rise through the ranks of the Mushroom Kingdom golf club to attain club stardom.

Wednesday’s debut is pleasantly close to the game’s June release, so players don’t have to wait much longer to get their hands on the next generation of golf goodness.

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