‘Mother 3’ Fan Translation Gets Update On 15th Anniversary Of Original Release

Mother 3 (Photo: HAL Laboratory)

Mother 3 (Photo: HAL Laboratory)

Due to either a beautiful coincidence or good planning, the team behind the English fan translation of Mother 3 released a new update for their translation on the 15th anniversary of Mother 3‘s Japanese release.

The new version 1.3 update makes almost no changes to the text of the translation, instead focusing on optimizing performance and the remaining bugs in the fan-crafted bridge to the game long-closed behind lingual gates.

Translator lorenzoone spent about three years working on the fixes that made their way into 1.3, and the lengthy update logs point to their admirable attention to detail. Many of the fixes would never affect a general players, but the continual love this translation patch has seen since its inception is remarkable.

For those who want to learn more about the serendipitous story that led to this universally-revered translation, I highly recommend the book Legends of Localization Book 2: Earthbound which talks about the development history for the entire Mother series and the magnificent history that birthed Mother 3, one of the finest games ever crafted.

Without divulging my life story, know that Mother 3 is a profoundly important game to me and my history. I owe the game and its developers the basis of my creativity and my view of the world. I am lucky enough to have played the original version of Mother 3, but there is no excuse for English speakers to miss out the masterful introspective journey. It its current state, English speaking players can access Mother 3 for free and easily as long as you have a rom of Mother 3, a Gameboy Advance emulator (I recommend mGba), and the mannificent Mother 3 fan translation.

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