MultiVersus Details Revealed In New Trailer

MultiVersus (Image: WB)

MultiVersus (Image: WB)

Free-to-play MultiVersus is now open to early access through an hourlong Twitch stream with includes a code.

The new trailer reveals what exactly the game’s rewards, currency system and unlockable items will look like.

As to currency, players will be on the lookout for gold and Gleamium. Gold can be obtained by doing well in the in-game matches, but Gleamium is real-world money that can be converted to in-game value.

Each character can be played in 15 different levels. At the completion of each level, the player unlocks an award. Awards range from gold to different skins. There is also a character unlock system that can be utilized through gold or by something called a Founder’s Pack, which may hold character tickets.

Watch the gameplay trailer below.

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