Squishmallows Revealed At SDCC Are The Roundest & Cuddliest Pokemon Ever

Squishmallows at SDCC 2022 (Image: Twitter)

Squishmallows at SDCC 2022 (Image: Twitter)

At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Pokemon Squishmallows sat behind glass cases before an adoring public. Fans and oglers look on to see the newest generation of cuddly stuffed plushies, elated to see fan favorites such as Pikachu and Gengar on display. Fans need not wait long, for the release of these adorable Squishmallows will be for sale this fall. Squishmallows are a brand of plushies, focused on attaining the maximum output of cute and cuddly possible in a plushie.

The Beginning Of A Fat Pikachu Renaissance This Fall

The Pikachu of the past and the Pikachu of today show plenty of differences in Pokemon body type. Back in the first generation of Pokemon games, Pikachu boasted an adorably round and chunky build. Much like a comfy hamster or a pudgy cat, Pikachu’s form inspired a cute and cuddly disposition. But with the anime detailing Ash and Pikachu’s journey over the years, it’s no surprise that Pikachu lost several pounds and built up a slim figure. But now, fans are elated to see the return of a beloved childhood figure.

The Implications Of Fat Pikachu’s Return

With the return of a rounder Pikachu, the question of “what does this mean for Pokemon?” comes to mind. The Squishmallow company Jazwares announced more Pokemon-themed Squishmallows for release later this year. Despite the unconfirmed rumors of Togepi and Snorlax Squishmallows, there’s a clear pattern that makes sense. With Fat Pikachu and Gengar on display, it’s clear that both are rounder than average Pokemon. Togepi and Snorlax are both round and very cuddly Pokemon. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, don’t be surprised if the two joined the first wave. Snorlax, in its first appearance, showed up as a napping Pokemon blocking a road. Togepi often shows up as a gifted Pokemon egg in the games, also cuddle-adjacent.

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