My Nintendo Rewards Update: June 2017

Another batch of My Nintendo rewards are added to its catalog as another new month begins. However, there’s a decent amount of variety this time as long as you’re happy with more discounts.


Software Discounts:

Nintendo Selects:

Mario Games:

Punch-Out!! Games:

Smart Device/PC Rewards:

 Prima Official Game Guide: 

Most rewards won’t expire until at least September, so you have time to decide if it’s finally time to spend your treasure trove of points. Personally, I’ve been considering a Super Mario 64 replay and I’ve always been eager to try Tomodachi Life.

Our own Sean Fahey recommended the off-beat life sim, and he enjoyed Pikmin 3 as well. I also can strongly recommend Pikmin 3, it is indeed one of the best Wii U games.

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