Netflix Announces ‘Stranger Things’ Mobile Game And More At E3 Panel

Stranger Things: Winona Ryder

Stranger Things: Winona Ryder

The streaming company Netflix has dipped into the gaming market, announcing their new adaptation of their exclusive show, Stranger Things, to be a mobile game coming to platforms in 2020. After Microsoft’s Xbox decided to make soap to announce for E3, Netflix seemed to follow the trend of trying new markets. Stranger Things is the only original show that has been announced, with some others likely to be announced as mobile games as well.

The RPG follows around everyone’s favorite Stranger Things characters, led by Will and Eleven. It is a puzzle/strategy game that may take some familiarities from the hit mobile game Pokémon Go.

The Netflix developers talked on their conference saying that they have a few other projects that they are working on, which could mean a number of things for the streaming giants.

Gamers are hoping that Netflix decides to release something more than mobile games in the coming future, possibly even for the Nintendo Switch or for bigger games on different consoles or the PC.

The new season of Stranger Things has already been announced for the fourth of July of 2019. Season 3 is highly anticipated, with the game likely to pick up after the end of the following season that is coming out in the summer.

For the mobile game, you can see that you’re fighting in the Upside Down, and it could incorporate Pokemon Go’s location technology for more of an interactive experience. There is one thing for certain, however, is that the 80s retro style will be in the game, bringing that arcade-style graphics that was introduced almost four decades ago.

The game is being developed and partnered by Next Games, located in Finland. The E3 panel revealed that the game would be launching on iOS and Android on an unannounced release date.

Netflix hasn’t announced specific projects that are coming, but have confirmed that they will be licenscing original characters to existing games with Ubisoft and Roblox.

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