New Burst-SMG Added To Fortnite Season 9


Fortnite (Epic Games)

The ninth season of Fortnite is still in action, with the 10th addition of patchnotes out, there is a new SMG-burst weapon in place of the silenced SMG that was recently vaulted by Epic Games. Luckily, the patch is small and doesn’t require any downtime or an update to your console, PC or Nintendo Switch. The new burst is moderately accurate, but best used at close range. Long range damage is little to none as the burst has a moderate amount of recoil. Up close, this weapon could be one of the more effective short range to medium range weapons in the game. The burst shoots in four round bursts and has a 1.75x headshot multiplier.

By adding this new burst SMG and taking away the silenced SMG, Epic Games are able to differentiate the SMG and Assault Rifle weapon types, which have come together over the last several seasons with the SMG becoming more and more overpowered until the recent seasons.

Like any other SMG weapon in the game, the burst uses light ammo and deals 23, 24 and 25 damage in closer ranges and has 24 rounds in a magazine. The weapon comes in uncommon (grey), common (green) and rare (blue).

The weapon doesn’t come in legendary or epic, so the difference in the game most likely won’t change that much regarding tournaments and competitive play, but we will wait and see as players experiment with the new weapon in the game.  Earlier in this ninth season, Epic Games vaulted the popular Compact SMG,

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