New Details On ‘Pokemon Scarlet & Violet,’ Here’s What We Know

'Pokemon Scarlet' & 'Violet' (Image: Pokemon)

'Pokemon Scarlet' & 'Violet' (Image: Pokemon)

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are coming soon, and Nintendo has continued the slow release of news regarding the highly anticipated game. The game advertises “sprawling landscapes and vibrant town” and recent news from Pokemon Company International revealed more details for the upcoming game.

New Locations

There are those vibrant towns that they promised. Players can explore a number of regions such as a farming village and a port town in the Palled region. A region that Pokemon International describes as “a land of vast open spaces dotted with lakes, towering peaks, wastelands, and perilous mountain ranges.”

New video for the game shows a player exploring these regions while atop a Pokemon of his own.

New Pokemon

As expected, players will have a number of new Pokemon that they can attempt to catch. They will live amongst people, in treetops, rivers and other parts of the world (yes, they will still be in the tall grass).

The new Pokemon include Fidough, who is a fairy-type puppy Pokemon who many players will no doubt fall in love with based solely on his cuteness.

Another new Pokemon is Palled Wooper, a poison/ground type Pokemon whose gigantic smile will no doubt enamor you before it shoots a powerful poisonous liquid from its gills. For those interested in purely combat, Cetitan is an ice-type Pokemon whose immense body and powerful attacks will render your opponents defenseless.




The aspect of multiplayer battles has hyped up this game even more and now the “Poke Portal” will allow players to trade and battle with trainers all over the world. This will be even more customizable as now players will have the ability to change their player’s eye, mouth and face shape and “more to look the way you want to look,” according to developers.

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet are set to release on November 18. 2022.

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