‘FIFA 23’ Is Coming With Even More Changes For One Last Hurrah


FIFA 20 (EA)

One more year as gaming’s prime soccer simulation game (I am so sorry PES), and one more year as one of EA’s most profitable sports games. FIFA 23 will be the final game as part of FIFA’s longstanding licensing deal with Electronic Arts as the EA will rebrand to EA Sports FC in 2023.

So what does that mean for this year’s edition? Well for starters, depression, as a long-standing franchise starts to peter out.

But also enjoyment as EA is committed to making the end of an era the biggest bang for your buck. EA has announced features like extended cross-play, women’s club football teams, both the Women’s and Men’s World Cups and more in the upcoming release, and new gameplay shows that there are even more changes and additions to come.

One of the ever-present changes coming is the addition of new loading greens now featuring more women’s soccer highlights as well as new theatrical pictures of iconic stadiums. New features in the game such as power shots also add an arcade-like feel to the game but also add more creative shooting opportunities for the players who like to add flair to their goals.

Goalkeepers also have new animations as well as a controversial feature that has longtime FIFA players divided. Forget  saving a power shot, a ball has the ability to brush past the keepers’ fingertips even if the keeper makes contact with the ball. While this adds an element of realism to the game, many fans are speculating about the added frustration that will ensue.

As for graphics, there isn’t a wide leap in the improvement of graphics for players but there are improvements to the pitch as different pitch types influence ball tracking and dribbling and now players can permanently scuff their knees while celebrating, which no doubt adds a fun aesthetic touch to the game.

Hypermotion 2, the new player physics system is also being hyped up as a revolutionary change to the games engine, adding over 2,000 new animations into the game to make for a less routine and receptive experience.

These new changes look to make this edition of FIFA more streamlined, more exciting and emphasize virtual football with a touch of drama. There are more features to be announced in the coming weeks, but gamers are no doubt excited for the newest edition.

FIFA 23 releases on all platforms on September 30.

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