New ‘Hellboy: Web of Wyrd’ Trailer Drops, Features Gameplay, Lance Reddick & More

'Hellboy: Web of Wyrd' (Image: Good Shepherd Entertainment)

'Hellboy: Web of Wyrd' (Image: Good Shepherd Entertainment)

A little over a week ago, Hellboy: Web of Wyrd released a new gameplay trailer. While there has not been a release date set for this “roguelite action adventure” game, Hellboy: Web of Wyrd’s developer Upstream Arcade and publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment has announced its eventual arrival for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch and Steam (PC).

Many elements come into play during the new trailer. For example, the game’s protagonist is being voiced by none other than late actor Lance Reddick. Reddick is famously known for his live-action roles in The Wire and the John Wick franchise. However, Horizon and Destiny’s players know his unique voice much better coming from the wandering traveler Sylens or the titan leader Commander Zavala.

“Our hearts are with Lance’s family, friends, colleagues, and fans,” said Hellboy: Web of Wyrd’s team, via Twitter. “Lance was a brilliant performer, generous with his time and attention — he had talent beyond compare, and we remain honored to have him as our Hellboy.”



With a more distinct comic book art style, the title pits Mike Mignola’s demonic creation, Anung Un Rama (otherwise known as Hellboy), against nefarious enemies who dwell in the depths of the Wyrd. He is sent to investigate a missing person’s case involving a B.P.R.D. agent. Additionally, the game’s main storyline is a collaborative creation. Its origin came from a partnership between Mignola and Hellboy’s original publisher, back in 1993, Dark Horse Comics.

“Featuring monstrous toe-to-toe brawling, you need to chain together hard-hitting melee and ranged attacks to fight a diverse array of increasingly nightmarish enemies,” said Upstream Arcade. “Like the comics, the game sends Hellboy on a series of vastly different and wholly unique adventures; and while those stories stand on their own, they are all tied to the mysterious legacy of The Butterfly House.”

“It’s up to you – Hellboy – and your team of Bureau agents to find your missing colleague and uncover the secrets of The Butterfly House,” said Upstream Arcade.

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