New Nintendo 2DS XL Coming In July

New Nintendo 2DS XL

New Nintendo 2DS XL

The Nintendo 3DS family still has life left within it. And, if you’re late to the party, a new, cost-effective option was just announced: the New Nintendo 2DS XL.


The standard bonuses that accompany the New-branded handhelds, including a C-Stick and amiibo compatibility, are accounted for. Furthermore, the updated 2DS will utilize the same screens as the New Nintendo 3DS XL handhelds. However, unsurprisingly, the New 2DS will forfeit the 3D feature.

Reggie Fils-Aimé, Nintendo of America’s president, is excited for his company’s new product:

“This new addition to Nintendo’s portable hardware line demonstrates our commitment to the hand-held market. New Nintendo 2DS XL sports a beautiful clamshell design and offers a great balance between price and performance.”

The New Nintendo 2DS XL will launch on July 28 for $149.99. The system will come in the depicted black-turquoise color pallet.

Nintendo boasts of the quality library already available to newcomers to the 3DS ecosystem, as well as the upcoming Hey! Pikmin and Miitopia. Conveniently, both of those titles will share their launch day with the new portable system. Also, the 3DS will have a presence at E3, meaning there are more titles forthcoming.

However, if you need to play catchup, might I recommend Corpse Party and Pokémon Sun or Moon?

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