New Pokémon Game, ‘Pokémon Masters,’ Brings Back Mobile Fighting

Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters (Nintendo/The Pokémon Company)

After the major release of Pokémon Go in 2016, there was massive criticism regarding the game despite the immense numbers it put up. That was that it didn’t have the usual Pokémon battles we were so used to in the original games. The Pokémon Company and Nintendo have stuck back, giving the world Pokémon Masters.

Pokemon Masters is a new Android and iOS game, like Pokémon Go, but it will be bringing back iconic Pokémon characters we have grown so used to, along with familiar battle mechanics, in a new adventure.

The game was announced in May to be coming out sometime this summer, but no official release date has been confirmed yet. Pokémon Masters will feature trainers and their partners in a three-on-three battle. They will be competing on an island called Pasio, and new details released show a massive enhancement on the trainers behind all the Pokémon.

Here is the official eight minute long promo for the game. Check it out:

In Pokémon Masters, the game won’t just be about catching Pokémon, but rather different kinds of trainers as well with different and unique abilities.

“Trainers have preferences of type, color and shape that influence how they choose their Pokémon,” says a YouTube video from the Pokemon channel, according to CNN. “Each trainer wears clothing that matches their region’s climate.”
Also, instead of the usual turn-based fighting we are so used to, in this mobile game there will be a timed-battle with a timer-based attack system. Many Pokémon attacks will be returning, along with new trainer special abilities that will support their Pokémon.
The game will officially be released sometime this summer. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite recently came out last week out of the blue after having no confirmed release date, and it’s possible Masters could follow that example. We’ll report on further news as it develops.

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