NEWS: Final Cinematic Trailer For ‘Mass Effect 3’ Debuts

Mass Effect 2 (Image courtesy of EA)

Mass Effect 2 (Image courtesy of EA)

With the release date of March 6th drawing ever closer, the gaming world is collectively awaiting with baited breath Bioware’s Mass Effect 3, the epic conclusion to their stunning science-fiction trilogy. A futuristic world-at-war saga, the Mass Effect series follows the interstellar exploits of Commander Shepard, a rugged, veteran soldier cleaving his way through a galaxy populated by deadly extraterrestrial creatures, and squabbling space aristocracy with the ultimate survival of the very universe at stake.

Debuting last night during the most recent episode of The Walking Dead was the final cinematic trailer, the extended cut of which is available as of tomorrow. This flawlessly cinematic glimpse of what awaits illustrates just what the stakes as for Shepard and the entire human race – the Reapers are back!

Picking up where the story left off at the end of the final piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC: Arrival, and boasting a nifty little feature whereby saves from both the original Mass Effect, and Mass Effect 2 can be ported over to influence the action based on the choices players previously made, this final, thrilling installment will offer players an unrivaled myriad of choices to bring this sprawling, enthralling, immensely playable story to its close. March 6th can’t come soon enough.

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