‘NFL 2K’ Is Back After 15 Year Absence

The Legend of NFL 2K5

The Legend of NFL 2K5

In the early 2000s, sports games were truly in their prime. Companies like Electronic Arts had to actually produce great games, and not just $60 roster updates. In the gridiron football realm, 2k was considered to be EA’s only rival. After a decade or so being spoiled by 2k’s NBA games; everyone except for stakeholders in EA is thrilled.

Back in 2005, NFL 2k5 was released for the reasonable price of $19.99. Originally, EA Sport’s Madden NFL 05 was being sold at $49.99. Since the 2k rendition of the league was an all around better game – better graphics, an intelligent commentary team, and features more gameplay modes – EA has to slash its game’s price down to $29.95.

Players were also allowed full customization over the rosters in 2k. In fact, the game even let users create their own teams, players and choose from several logos. Even the stadiums that teams played in could be edited. New stadiums for your newest teams could also be created, so the customization options were limitless. The game even included a first-person mode, so that users would be able to play the game in a whole new way.


The game was so legendary, that Time put it as #41 on their list of “Best Video Games Ever Made,” right behind the popular 70’s game, Pong.

That doesn’t even fully cover all of the cool features of the game. While games were loading in real-time, Chris Berman of ESPN was always there to discuss the upcoming game. In fact, this feature was so realistic, that players were given real-time updates from other simulated games occurring around the league. Players were literally able to see the winning plays from computer simulated games. This is a feature that literally isn’t even included in games anymore.

According to the deal made between the NFL and 2k, the future of 2k’s NFL series will be required to make “non-simulated sports games.” EA purchased a licensing agreement in 2006, after they were afraid that 2k’s franchise would end the Electronic Sports rendition. The deal between the NFL and Electronic Arts expires in 2021, and as of March 11, no deal has been made.

On social media, the game’s legacy is untouchable. Go ahead and look for yourself; this game is legitimately flawless in the eyes of gamers. If the new 2k Football game can live up to its former glory, then football fans on every console will be thrilled.


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