Nicolas Cage To Play Himself In Multiplayer Game ‘Dead By Daylight’

Nicolas Cage plays himself in 'Dead by Dawn' (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

Nicolas Cage plays himself in 'Dead by Daylight' (Image: Behaviour Interactive)

Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage has put his talent to work once again. This time he will be featured, as himself, in the multiplayer survival horror game Dead By Daylight. A new official trailer dropped earlier this month revealing the actor’s involvement, likely as a playable survivor, after a classic smoke reveal.

“There is nothing more powerful than imagination,” said Cage.

The promo goes on to show a teasing text detail, “Learn More On July 5,” which means fans can only speculate beyond what was shown such as Cage’s in-game appearance.

Game Director Mathieu Cote said at a press conference, “He’s got such an iconic voice and delivery. We couldn’t do this without him.”

Cote reflected on Cage’s dedication. “In some cases, for the screams and grunts, we have used different people sometimes because these are extremely strenuous exertions, and they can take a toll on people. But in this case, Mr. Cage told us there has never been a voice sound-alike for Nic Cage, and we will not have one now. So he was generous enough to record every single grunt, scream, and exertion that you will hear in Dead by Daylight.”

The hit video is still going strong since its launch in 2016 with no signs of slowing down with content like this on the horizon. Not to mention that in the last 30 days, the average player number on Dead By Daylight is just over 30,000, as reported by That being said, those numbers could go up very soon.

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