Nintendo Details Their New System, Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch logo

Nintendo Switch logo

We’ve been waiting, but the shroud has finally been lifted off the Nintendo Switch! Are you thinking about buying one? Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima and his team divulged the details pertaining to their next console.

> Nintendo Finally Details The Nintendo Switch

The next phase in human evolution will occur on March 3, and the suggested retail price is $299.99. Here’s what’s included:

The Switch’s controller is the Joy-Con. As seen above, two varieties are included. One person may use the Joy-Con Grip to unite them as one, or use one Joy-Con per hand. Alternatively, the left and right Joy-Cons can be used separately by two people. Both Joy-Cons are fully functional on their own:

Several luxuries, including HD Rumble, the Capture Button and motion controls, help distinguish the Joy-Con. A Pro Controller for the Switch will be available, although it won’t be bundled with the hardware. A list of (expensive) Switch accessories can be found on Nintendo’s official website.

Also, up to eight players can connect their Switches for local multiplayer action. The hardware itself can be played in three separate ways:

(Personally, I’ll probably keep mine in its dock most of the time. I like playing on my TV.)

The Switch’s battery life varies depending on the specific game being played, but it can last between two-and-a-half and six hours, or potentially longer. Furthermore, region locking has been removed.

As for the Switch’s internet functionality? Much of it will be relegated to a smartphone app, which is where gamers will arrange matches with each other and chat.

Additionally, Nintendo will start charging for their online service in the fall. It will be free before then as a sample of sorts, however. Subscribers will be given a complimentary month-long NES or Super NES game. In an uncharacteristic bonus, these classic games will be retrofitted with online play, which is appreciated! However, they’ll only remain in your collection for that month unless you purchase the game in question.

Eighty titles are currently in development between Nintendo and their third-party partners. Moreover, of what’s currently announced, here’s a chart showcasing the more notable games:

(So far it seems we’re destined for yet another dry launch period…)

Finally, Miiverse and the 3DS’s StreetPass applications will not carry over to their successor.

Are you going to switch to the Nintendo Switch?

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