Nintendo Direct Coming On Sept. 4

Nintendo Direct

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After weeks of speculation, everyone’s favorite Kyoto-based gaming publisher finally confirmed it will air a Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow:

For those uninitiated in what these videos entail, a Nintendo Direct features various company employees giving updated looks at upcoming titles and announcing new ones. The Nintendo Switch will (as expected) be the centerpiece this go-around, with the overarching theme being Nintendo’s remaining 2019 lineup. Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokémon Sword and Shield are confirmed for the event, and we’ll certainly see other titles as well. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate making some form of an appearance seems likely; Banjo-Kazooie is set to launch during the fall, and rumors indicate SNK might be getting a character in the Fighters Pass. This particular Direct will be “roughly 40 minutes.”

Moreover, if you’re situated in or near Manhattan, the Nintendo NY store will air the Direct live per its tradition. If you happen to be attending the NY store’s presentation and are a fan of neighboring website Source Gaming (a site I periodically contribute to), three of my colleagues there will be hosting a meet-up afterwards. While I cannot commit to attending yet myself, I’m hoping to join them.

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