Nintendo Direct Highlights Content In ‘ARMS,’ Closes With ‘Splatoon 2’ Trailer

An ARMS-themed Nintendo Direct aired detailing the far-off fighting game. Plus, a pleasant trailer for Splatoon 2 closed the show. In case you missed it, the presentation can be seen below along with a summary of what you need to know.



There are ten fighters to play as in ARMS, all of which bear their own strengths, weaknesses and styles. Furthermore, we already knew of seven of them, and the other three were unveiled:

Combat Customization: once you’ve selected your fighter, you’re then given the opportunity to arm them with two ARMs, one per each hand. These tools come with exclusive attributes, and some may be more suited for fighting close or from a distance.

  • Types: All fighter come with their own assortment of signature ARMs. They offer unique attacks or potential power-ups to their wielder.
  • Attributes: Blind, Electricity, Explosion, Fire, Ice, Stun and Wind are the seven elements in the ARMS universe. Naturally, they all have strengths and weaknesses over each other.
  • Weight: as a rule, stronger ARMs are slower than weaker ARMs. Furthermore, weaker ARMs may come with the capacity to perform multiple strikes. And, in a standoff, a stronger ARM might win out over a weaker one in a head-on collision.
  • Upgrades: as mentioned, in-game currency can supply combatants with enhancements and new ARMs through the ARMS Getter.

Versus Modes:

  • Fight: the premiere experience! Fight one-on-one, with items occasionally spawning in.
  • Team Fight: a two-on-two. Teammates are attached to each other, so watch out! A wayward punch could injure your ally.
  • V-Ball: this mode’s based on a real-world sport, but the added elasticity means V-Ball is better. Here, you’ll throw explosive bombs over to your rival’s court.
  • Hoops: also based on a real-world game, the name is rather self-explanatory. Take your foe and dunk them!
  • Skillshot: a shooting gallery where you seek to claim the high score. You’ll receive a higher bonus if you destroy more targets simultaneously.
  • 1-on-100: it’s you against 100 opponents in this gauntlet. Keep fighting!
  • ARMS Test & Training: these modes allow you to practice different combinations and strategies.

Multiplayer Modes:

  • Grand Prix: available locally in single-player or with a friend, here you’ll fight against 10 opponents. Upon clearing that obstacle, you’ll be crowned after the eleventh battle.
  • Party Match: with the magical internet at your disposale, you can play with up to three more players. Up to ten Switch systems can connect together, for a total of 20 players sharing a lobby.
  • Ranked Match: this mode cares about your win-loss record, so fight for glory!
  • Local Wireless Mode: like with Party Mode, play with a group of friends!

ARMS will receive post-launch support from Nintendo, just as Splatoon had. And, akin to Splatoon and Splatoon 2, a demo is coming: the ARMS Global Testpunch. There will be two opportunities to participate: May 26 to 28, and June 2 to 4.

Finally, speaking of Splatoon 2, a trailer for its sequel aired emphasizing its single-player mode. What happened between the Squid Sisters?

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