Nintendo Files Lawsuits Against Hacking Companies

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo of America has filed a pair of lawsuits against two Nintendo Switch resellers that have sold software that allowed people to play pirated video games.

On Friday, according to court documents, Nintendo filed one lawsuit in an Ohio court against Tom Dilts Jr. who allegedly is the operator of UberChips, whose website is currently down. The company also filed a lawsuit against multiple people from various websites, called Team Xecuter, in a Seattle court. 

The products that both of these groups provide gave Switch players a workaround to Nintendo’s protective measures, which prevent its products from unauthorized access and copying. If these measures are turned off, players would be able to play pirated games. 

This is not the first time Nintendo has had issues with hackers, as in 2018 and 2019 the company filed lawsuits against companies for providing hacking kits for its users or giving players of Nintendo consoles to download pirated games.

Nintendo is asking for $2,500 per trafficking violation in these lawsuits. They are also looking for permanent injunctions to stop the operations of these websites. 


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