Watch: PlayStation Releases Footage For ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’

Ghost Of Tsushima (Image courtesy of Sucker Punch Productions)

Ghost Of Tsushima (Image courtesy of Sucker Punch Productions)

On Thursday, during a State of Play live stream, PlayStation showed footage of Ghost of Tsushima, which is set for a July release.

During an 18-minute video, the game’s director and art director showed gameplay footage, highlighting various details, one of which being that the wind can transport players to the location of rare collectibles and various moments in the story.

Ghost of Tsushima centers around the last samurai on Tsushima Island. It has been reported that the in-game combat can be compared to a samurai movie, and gamers can even play the game in black and white like an old school samurai movie.

The game’s main character, Jin, is transformed into a ghost. The player set out to defeat the Mongolian empire, achieving various tasks along the way.

PlayStation State of Play is a part of a multi-month Summer Game Fest, replacing the E3 ceremony which was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ghost of Tsushima, will be released on July 17 and can be played on PS4.


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