Nintendo & Illumination In Talks To Produce A ‘Super Mario’ Movie

Mario in Super Mario 3D World

Mario in Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo)

Nintendo’s mascot has been enjoying a lot of attention lately; his latest adventure, Super Mario Odyssey, launched on October 27, garnering acclaim from fans and critics. Moreover, an attraction modeled after his series is coming to Universal Studios Japan, and Mario might be preparing to jump into another new medium: cinema.


According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment are in talks to create a CGI film based on the historic Super Mario franchise. The Hollywood Reporter confirms this report, adding how both companies are close to working out a deal. It’s currently in its “early stages,” and both parties are interested in potentially producing “multiple” Mario movies. Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario’s creator, has been involved in these discussions, and he could work on the movie as a producer. Nintendo fans will recall his animated Pikmin shorts from 2014, which demonstrated his interest in film.

Illumination, known for their work on the Despicable Me franchise, are experienced with CGI features. Furthermore, sources claim how Nintendo would be involved in the development of the film, meaning it will likely skew closer to the usual portrayal of the franchise than the infamous live-action adaption that was released in 1993.

On the topic of popular Nintendo properties, The Pokémon Company and Legendary Pictures are slated to start filming a Detective Pikachu movie in January.

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