Nintendo Switch Update Blocks Japanese Slang Word For ‘Testicles’

Blue Switch Lite (Photo: Courtesy of Nintendo)

Blue Switch Lite (Photo: Courtesy of Nintendo)

When it comes to updates, users typically anticipate new features, enhanced graphics or maybe improved gameplay for their favorite games.

Nintendo, however, has a slightly different focus in its latest firmware update for the Switch.

This time, besides the usual “system stability improvements,” Nintendo has expanded its list of blocked words, including some slang terms that might raise eyebrows.

The most recent firmware, Version 17.0.0, seems to maintain a straightforward approach.

If players look up the changes, they’ll find a rather concise description on Nintendo’s official page, highlighting improvements to system stability for an optimized user experience. But, as is often the case with such updates, there’s more beneath the surface.

Enter the curious and tech-savvy fans like Twitter user OatmealDome.

Known for their knack for delving deeper into code and unearthing hidden tweaks, OatmealDome has shed light on some interesting adjustments.

Among the discovered changes are new error code messages and updated time zone data. However, it’s the expansion of the banned word list that has caught most people’s attention.

In an intriguing move, Nintendo has blocked the term “thot,” which might not come as a surprise to some.

However, the real eyebrow-raiser is the decision to block slang words for testicles, specifically in Japanese.

Now, one might wonder about the frequency of these terms popping up in gaming chats, but with this update, Nintendo appears to be steering clear of any potentially offensive slang, regardless of its language of origin.

It’s amazing to see efforts companies like Nintendo are putting into making the environment more inclusive, respectful and sensitive to diverse cultures.

After all, while gaming is often about escapism and fantasy, it still exists within the context of the real world with its diverse set of users.

Setting aside the language and code adjustments, it’s also worth noting Nintendo’s significant milestones. The Switch has seen staggering sales numbers, boasting more than 129.5 million units sold and a whopping one billion games to go with it.

There’s also buzz about Nintendo’s next move, as rumors suggest that developers got a sneak peek of the company’s upcoming console at Gamescom earlier this year. If rumors hold, gamers can expect this new system to drop in 2024.

In the rapidly changing world of gaming, it’s updates like these that remind the gaming community of the broader picture. It’s not just about better graphics or faster load times, but about ensuring a positive, respectful experience for everyone who dives into the world of Nintendo.

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