Nvidia Won’t Help End The “Ti” Pronunciation Debate

Nvidia Geforce RXT 3080 (Image: Nvidia)

Nvidia Geforce RXT 3080 (Image: Nvidia)

The debate has been going on for years, and it doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon. Nvidia, the originator of the naming scheme of “ti,” short for titanium, doesn’t even know how to pronounce it. And they use it. A lot. After all, one of their most powerful GPUs is called the RTX 3090 ti.

Some people pronounce “Ti” as “tie,” while others say each letter, “tee-eye.”

At Nvidia’s CES presentation, each presenter said it differently.

There are YouTube compilations of Nvidia’s senior vice president Jeff Fisher pronouncing it “tie,” but founder and CEO Jensen Huang has been caught saying “tee-eye.”

“There is no wrong way to pronounce Ti…. as long as you spell it correctly,” said Nvidia’s corporate communications director Hector Marinez.

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